Gujarat election 2017 | Gujarat election news| Gujarat election date 2017 | gujarat election

 Gujarat election 2017 | Gujarat election | Gujarat election date 2017 | Gujarat election news :

 The 14th Gujarat Legislative Assembly election, 2017 is scheduled to be held on 9 December 2017 and 14 December 2017. All 182 members of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly will be elected and the leader of the largest party or coalition will become the next Chief Minister

BJP faces the challenges of a new caste coalition spearheaded by quota warrior Hardik Patel and 22-year incumbency, but the party president Amit Shah is unruffled. In an exclusive interview with Akhilesh Singh, he explains why he thinks winning 150 seats out of 182 in the Gujarat polls is a realistic target.

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Gujarat elections LIVE updates:

3.16 pm: “I appeal to the Congress to stick to the truth. The people of Gujarat do not like poll time lollipops and false promises of the Congress,” Modi says

3.14 pm: “I am seeing videos of Congress supporters saying vote for the party on 9th and 14th and then we will do ‘Dadagiri’ for 5 years. This is not the Gujarat that the people desire,” says PM

3.12 pm: “Congress has a very able lawyer in Kapil Sibal. He is always handling all the indefensible and wrong matters. In 2007, he came to Viramgam and said after the results are out, Modi will be in Jail. He was very powerful in that government,” says Modi

3.01 pm: “The people of UP know the Congress and their leadership well. And see how they have rejected Congress repeatedly,” says Modi

2.55 pm: Gujarat has grown due to the power of Shanti, Ekta and Sadbhavana, says PM

2.50 pm: “I fail to understand why is the Congress once again doing what it always did in the past- divide people, be it on caste lines, communal lines, between villages and cities. Congress has learned ‘divide and rule’ from our colonial rulers rather well,” Modi says

2.25 pm: Modi arrives in Bhavnagar to address his second rally of the day. Addressing the gathering before PM, BJP Gujarat president Jitu Vaghani said, “Congress does not say Bharat Mata ki Jai because they stay in Bharat and speak Pakistan ki bhasha.”


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